February 13, 2014

Retro makeup and timeless beauty secrets, from a vintage tutorial!

Makeup is an art, but this beauty tutorial from 1936 seems to demonstrate it is rather more of a science. Determined to contradict the hypothesis? I’d say that, before starting piling on counter-arguments, we’d better give a chance to the ‘’geometrical’’ principles of personalising the shape the eye liner should best take in order to enhance our look and to the proportions ideally sensual lips should have. Because time is irrelevant for math. And if the theory used to work in the 1930s, it is bound to also work today!

PS Should you think of the secrets of scientific makeup as too rigid, there’s another video from the archive that, much more accessibly, teaches us where to ‘’put the accent’’ on our very best features!

vintage retro makeup Kristen Stewart

vintage retro makeup Kristen Stewart


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Photos: fashnberry.com, asianweddingideas.co.uk