February 29, 2012

Resounding failures in fashion: Sarah Jessica Parker, Jeniffer Lopez, Snoop Dog and the list is open

Celebrity fashion labels. Judged by the public, they range from must haves to the downright unnoticed. Seen by professional designers, they are most probably appalling and unauthentic. But most important of all, they only rarely boost the fame and bank accounts of their respective celebrity muse-cum-playing-with-a-pencil-and-scissors creator.

Take Sarah Jessica Parker. She is synonymous with fashion and New York, the world capital of fashion. However, her label, Bitten, did not bite the Big Apple nor did it bite anything else than, unfortunately, the dust.

Then along came J Lo, a sexy cocktail of fashion diva and street realness. Justsweet and Sweetface got their fair share of mixed reviews and mixed reactions, but have ultimately been shelved into the sweet attempts-bitter failures category. 

Believe it or not, Snoop Doggy Dog also made an attempt at sharing with the world more of his inner self and put out the Rich and Infamous brand. Despite his generosity, the public did not receive it well and his riches remained largely the same, while for the infamousness, we cannot comment.

Last, but not least – I would say the first – among the wannabe fashion moguls who lost both their labels and somewhat of their respectability, is David Hasselhoff. His Malibu Dave line appears to have hardly been seen by anyone, unless the Hoff has been wearing it himself, in a subtle marketing move.

On the other hand, topping the list of the successful and big grossing celebrity fashion ventures, is Jessica Simpson’s almost a billion dollar collection. Closely behind, with over half a billion each, come Jay Z’s street savvy Rocawear and P. Diddy’s notorious Sean John line. Closing the top 5 are two very different ladies – with over USD 90 million, eclectic Gwen Stefani’s Love.Angel.Music.Baby line, followed by the more couture Victoria Beckham and her USD 8 million collection.


But why do celebrities want do conquer the world of fashion? Haven’t they already by being hotly pursued by top designers to wear their creations at the top events they go to? Well, no they say.

Some of them are so complete an artist, such as spunky Kanye West, that they cannot but express their very artsy personae in fashion as well. The rapper raised for himself a very high standard and created a proportional hype about his high end Dw brand. When it finally came out at the Paris Fashion Week, it came through as, I wonder who would have doubted, an ego-centered mélange of clothes West might like, but women wouldn’t.

Others might quite simply be craving to match other stars’ fashion empires, or might be wanting to expand their own into an as much a multi-million grossing one as they can get while their star is still shining bright. But from the likes of Madonna to those of reality-show fashionista Lauren Conrad, the fashion industry has proven to be more than that. It has proven to be an artistic world into which’s caste system they are not welcome. And, it has also proven to be a market they have little knowledge about and little sway on. “Every D-level celebrity who thought they could make a quick buck by designing a handbag or whatever is going to disappear” says Vogue’s Anna Wintour. And, after all, as Donatella herself said, ‘’Music stars wear Versace.’’ Don’t they?

Photo credit: oligoville.com, karinabradleyblog.com, blog.peacemagazine.com, starstyleinc.com