April 9, 2012

Regeneration and energy with ginger

Ginger is a plant that is mostly known because it has aphrodisiac qualities, and less due to its effectiveness in energizing and toning the skin and the body.

The spicy taste and smell has the ability to awaken the senses and to fight fatigue, but its qualities also recommend it in the process of skin’s regeneration. Ginger helps in burning fat faster, that’s why cellulite creams sometimes use it in their composition. You will also find it in shower gels or massage oils, because it is known to be extremely tonic and good for detoxification.


Energizing shower gel Melvita, 11€

Exfoliating cream Body Shape Apivita, 13€

Solid massage oil Hottie Lush, 10€

Energizing massage oil, Elmiplant, 4€

Anti-wrinkle cream, Caudalie, 33€

Dandruff shampoo with ginger, The Body Shop, 8€

Photos: anythingthatlol.blogspot.com, starseeds.net