May 27, 2013

Put Yourself in Her Shoes™. Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® is a remarkable initiative on absolutely every level. It is, basically, a charitable franchise. A very successful event format – tens of thousands of participating men from around the world, having raised millions of dollars for the victims of sexual abuse by organising marches they complete wearing high heel shoes. No more and no less.

Even more difficult to achieve than that, it has managed to foster a micro environment for talk, awareness and dissemination of information on a topic nobody is willing to discuss. Something as basic as putting yourself in the other’s shoes in the most ordinary of circumstances holds an amazing power of lending new perspective and reshaping concepts and prejudice.

Every two minutes someone in the United States is raped. One in six American women has been victims of sexual assault.

If you care, follow the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® calendar, appreciate and echo the marches’ against sexual violence and domestic violence impact. #CHIME for change!

For info on the organising of such an event, access the campaigns’ website here.

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®


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