July 23, 2013

Purchase Accessories From The Gucci Pre-Fall Collection, Straight From The Campaign Video


I always like to welcome the new season with a couple of fabulous new items. Thus, even before the new season officially starts, I make sure to complete my wardrobe, based on key-pieces, with a couple of sensational items, which enable the transition.

The Pre-Fall collections are perfect for this, and the latest one proposed by Gucci, is amongst my favourites right now.


The promotional campaign for the pre-fall season has managed to seduce me in just a few moments wth its chic accessories – it was love at first sight with the gorgeous gloves in supple leather which I can already feel gently stretching over my hands, with the belts that will help define my waistline and, most of all, with the python bags which I’ve decided on the spot that will be my style statement for this fall.


Upon discovering that I can purchase them straight from the video, I couldn’t help but let out a shriek of happiness out loud, just like a kid let loose in a candy store.


So, which are your favourite accessories from the Gucci Pre-Fall 2013 clip? Don’t forget: you can buy them with a single click!


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Photos & video courtesy of: gucci.com