July 31, 2013

Proud of how you look in a T-shirt? It’s that easy to win a trip to Berlin, with Hugo Boss!

Hugo Boss Boss Orange Find Your T-Shirt Buddy

If you already have a plan of how to find a buddy from the other corner of our round little planet based on a matching taste in T-shirts! and a few other compatibilities, then you’re a genius in the league of Mark Zuckerberg!

But if you’re thinking about developing your own social medium to get it, it’s going to take you at least a few solid months and it sure won’t get you on a trip to Berlin!

What am I talking about? Of how Hugo Boss thought about it before you did and, sure, before I even came up with the question. The bottom line? Hugo Boss are brilliant when it comes to T-shirts and online technology and, yes!, go in at Boss Orange and find your T-shirt buddy and maybe, why not, WIN AN UNFORGETTABLE TRIP TO BERLIN!!!

The steps are as simple as saying ’’T-shiiirt’’…

…and if you still don’t have the perfect T-shirt for the global competition and are keen on technology, find out how Hugo Boss makes sure that you find the model and size you’re looking for exactly on the store shelf you’re looking… with  body heat sensors! 1, 2, 3, start!



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Photo source: Hugo Boss