November 5, 2012

Problems With Orientation? Tiffanny Burnette’s Metro Cuffs Are The Chic Solution!

It’s a well-known fact that women are bad when it comes to having a sense of direction. And since insistently checking your phone or, even worse, a paper map, may make you look like a helpless tourist, here’s a chic alternative for you:

Tiffanny Burnette, the designer behind, has created a collection of bracelets embossed with real subway transit maps of some of the most visited cities in the world: New York London, Paris, Chicago and Milan.

Since every so often it happens that I almost get lost when riding the subway in my own city, although I’ve been living in the same place all my life, I’d really use such a bracelet, so that I can avoid any embarrassing moments that make me look and feel like a confused tourist.

Made out of matte stainless steel and embossed with the subway transit maps of some of the busiest and most circulated cities in the world, these bracelets are not only useful, but also incredibly chic. The inscription also includes street names and numbers, along with the subway stops.

Since the Metro Cuff collection is quickly expanding, soon to feature a map of the Berlin subway, I can only hope that soon enough, it will come to include a personalisation service, so that I can stop feeling embarrassed when riding the subway in my own city.

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