August 6, 2013

Prada Real Fantasies – A Surrealist Dream


Do you remember the Fall/Winter 2013 Prada show? How could you not…?! An aura of mystery enveloped the runway from the very first musical note and the very first step of a model onto the catwalk, in perfect harmony with the dramatic, yet sensual allure of the collection.

Ever since the Prada F/W show graced the runways of Milan Fashion Week last February, I have anxiously waited to see how the silhouettes presented on the catwalk would be transposed into a promotional campaign for the following season – a fantastical story, as Prada always does.



Sure enough, I wasn’t disappointed – the mysterious fantasy of the Prada show has been translated into an incredibly hypnotising clip. I simply cannot tear my eyes away from the screen that shows various sequences stripped right from the average domestic life, all sewn together in a setting of distorted reality – a dreamscape reminiscent of Salvador Dalí’s masterpieces.

The raw elegance of the Prada F/W collection and the romanticism of the day-to-day moments, are blended and assembled into a surrealist collage, captivating its audience from the very first and up until the very final moment.


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