August 20, 2014

Posture and… attitude lesson with Elizabeth Arden!

Did you know that besides a great many incorrect and often unaesthetic postures – like lounging in an imaginary chaise longue, arched or, on the contrary, rigid in positions and with attitudes too all little natural, let’s call them ’’of model in a shooting’’ – there are also postures specific to certain periods? I found out about it from none other than Elizabeth Arden. Which, with exquisite charm and diplomacy, I think is trying to say that any posture that is quite simply against nature – be it even that of a catwoman on the prey – is also inherently wrong.

But let’s listen to her speaking about how if we tighten a certain muscle here and a certain muscle there… we can get the beautiful human and feminine allure impeccably exemplified for us by Candice Swanepoel.

posture sexy posing attitude

correct posture sexy posing attitude


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