March 17, 2012


This is a dear memento with me, Ingrid and Bryan, two wonderful people who offer me the privilege to call them friends. You can see every day how gifted Ingrid and Bryan are if you just go through and

This picture is illustrative of Bryan’s artistic gift. The small hearts you see are his work. Like a genuine artist signing his work, the picture taken with Ingrid’s Android has the BFF initials engraved on it, BFF standing for – best fashion friends.

Till we meet again for the next Paris Fashion Week, Bryan sent us his best wishes looking forward to a happy reunion in the season to come. I already miss them, but whenever I truly long for them or for Paris, I watch them on the Internet. And since today has been one of those days, I have spent hours on end on Ingrid’s blog.

And if you feel like bags, click this way:!