March 23, 2012

Pump up the volume

It’s no wonder that most of the women want to have voluptuous lips. A team of researchers from Unilever concluded that women with big lips look younger, even if they already have gray hair. If you would like to boost your lips and make them look thicker, you shouldn’t necessarily think about a surgical option.

Lip-glosses that promise to increase the volume of the lips do their job well enough; even it’s for a limited time. You can always reapply them without remorse. There is also a bad part though. Most of them contain ingredients that irritate the sensitive skin of the lips, especially to increase their volume, and this could translate into a itchy feeling immediately after you apply the gloss. However this will disappear within minutes, you shouldn’t worry.

The ingredients contained in such glosses are usually mint, paprika, cinnamon, caffeine, niacin or tripeptides, which help stimulate collagen production, making lips look fuller. Here are some choices you can find!

Benefiance Full Correction, Shiseido, $47

Lip Injection, Too Faced, $31

Lip Fusion, Sephora, $47

Couleurs Nature, Yves Rocher, $15

Plump Pout, Avon, $5