April 13, 2012

Rumors or facts: Stefano Pilati heading to Armani

The speculations that Stefano Pilati will take over the Creative Director position of Giorgio Armani house began to appear again shortly after Raf Simons was taken into the Dior team.

Jim Shi, journalist at the Daily News said the other day, on Tweeter: “”My sources are telling me Stefano Pilati is headed to Giorgio Armani with the intention to assume full creative reigns when GA retires.”

This is not the first time this rumor is going on. In March 2011, when Pilati was still at Yves Saint Laurent, people were talking about the fact he will switch to Giorgio Armani, and that his place will be taken by Heidi Slimane. Part of the prediction was fulfilled: Slimane is now working for YSL.

Armani spokesman denied the rumors a year ago, saying Giorgio is thinking about selling the company when he retires, but didn’t provide any information about Pilati’s succesion.


Source: vogue.co.uk

Photos: verycool.it