November 8, 2012

Picture Perfect Nails In No Time

Stress…Not only does it cause wrinkles and grey hairs, dark circles under your eyes and less than luminous-looking skin, it also attacks even the smallest details, like your nails. And since your hands are nothing less than your business card, what do you do when you take off your fabulous nail polish and see that the nails underneath are less than presentable?


>> If you happened to cut or even bite your cuticles until you bleed, avoid catching an infection by dabbing a bit of antibiotic cream over the ares of exposed flesh.

>> Use an oil, serum or cuticle cream, that you can also apply onto your nails. Such lotions have the power to fortify your nails, as well as hydrating them thoroughly.

>> Apply a coat of strengthening nail polish. It not only prevents your nails from breaking, but also avoids exfoliation while they grow out.

>> If you have a habit of biting your nails when you’re stressed out, invest in a special polish formulated to keep you from doing so. Such nail polishes not only strengthen your nails, but also taste really bad, so that you will surely remember you’re not supposed to bite your nails, from the moment they touch your lips.

>> Try forgoing coloured nail polish for at least two week, to give your nails time to heal and regenerate. If you simply must paint your nails, make sure you apply a base coat of clear polish to protect them from the coloured pigment.

>> Massage your nails and cuticles each night with a moisturising hand cream. A good massage stimulates blood flow, so your hands will look perfect in no time.

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