July 2, 2013

Pick and choose one or three bags from Antoinette Ameska. Yes, one or three!

Antoinette Ameska

One or maybe three, one or three… I simply can’t make up my mind on my own. And no, I haven’t forgotten how to count nor have I totally given in to my compulsion to shop. It’s that the cutest bags at Antoinette Ameska are ingeniously attachable and mix-match-able in just infinite combinations!

Antoinette Ameska

The pretty little French-chic purses there to brighten up any outfit and the generous leather bags ready to handle all of the many small and not so small everyday can’t-live-withouts. Even more, my favourite combo of small, large and colourful, like a bag world she-superhero born to come to the rescue with more space and even brighter a personality, got my shopping intentions all tangled up.

One, three, or two and six… What do you think? Go visit the online boutique and let me know what your ideal combination is.

Antoinette Ameska


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Photo source: Antoinette Ameska