November 1, 2012

People trust beauty brands


Though we’re still going through hard economic times, seems like shoppers are maintaining their smart shopping habits. They prefer  buying less, but seeking for high-quality goods, from the brands they like.

And while there are good products made by unknown or small business companies, people still tend to believe more in the brand’s that already made a statement in their business. Why? Because they feel famous brands can be trusted.

A behavior study conducted by The Intel Group and published in The Checkout, revealed that 90% of women compare store brands to brand names regularly, but most of the times choose the brand products.

“Certain categories appear to be immune to the store-brand swap,” said Craig Elston, senior vice president Integer (a world leader in brand marketing and retail promotions), trying to explain that no matter how appealing would make the packages, or how low would establish the prices, people still don’t buy from  store brands. “Categories that offer shoppers frequent innovations such as performance or variety, and categories where personal stakes are higher, are more difficult areas for private label products to compete.”

The study revealed the fact that clients tend to buy from big brands especially laundry detergent  (69%), health and beauty products (65%), batteries(63%), breakfast cereals (63%), cookies, snacks (57%) and icecream (53%).More than half of the people involved (51%) said that the main reason they prefer brands products are trust and quality.

But there are also products that people tend to buy more from the store brands. I’m talking about products that are usually  characterized by little innovation and tend to be easier for private-label brands to imitate. More than two-thirds (68%) of shoppers prefer private-label brands in the over-the- counter medicine category, for example.