September 6, 2013

Vogue against anorexia

Janina Vogue Italia Firma la petizione contro i siti pro-anoressia - Vogue Janina Vogue Italia Firma la petizione contro i siti pro-anoressia  Vogue

Eating disorders are one of our times most symptomatic problems. So much, that it has claimed the development of a specialised area of scientific research, sparked debates and rallied the involvement of many, including of, most notably, Vogue, the world’s most influential fashion magazine.


Franca Sozzani between Arianna Huffington, David B. Herzog, eating disorders expert, and Doutzen Kroes, at a debate on beauty and heath at Harvard University.

And the reality at the base of it all is as stark as it is dramatic. Studies have taken substantiated note of children 6 and 15 years old been preoccupied with diets (CyberSentinel study, 2009) and of adolescents from 13 to 17 (12.6% for girls and 5.9% for boys, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven study, 2009) visiting websites teaching how to take extreme measures for loosing weight – starvation, induced vomiting, use of laxatives – ignoring and suppressing hunger pangs and how to lie to their parents and those around, concerning their weight loss.

Specific measures have been taken, particularly by the fashion industry, in an attempt to curb what is considered by some specialists to be the psychological disorder with highest mortality rate.

Vogue UK is adhering to a code of models protection agreed with the British trade union Equity, and together with 19 fellow Vogue international issues is enforcing a total ban on underage models, as well as initiating The Health Initiative, an Vogue internal policy of only casting healthy models and of promoting a fair and balanced image on beauty and health. Reputed fashion houses such as Armani, Prada, Versace and Victoria Beckham, the Milan and Madrid fashion weeks as well as the state of Israel are all respecting and arguing for the same principles.

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Still, pro-active measures were necessary and Vogue Italy Chief Editor Franca Sozzani made up her and her team’s mind to start fighting misshaped visions on beauty, weight and health by a corresponding activism of the balanced way and of offering us all a chance to join in. The Curvy Blog is dedicated to women with a fuller figure than the ones usually displayed on the magazine’s cover, while an interactive map managed by brings together objective, positive blogs, and makes available alternative reference for the young seeking online information and support.

Fashion avec Passion wants to applaud Vogue’s commitment to the issue and, by signing the petition, has renewed it position as one more among the blogs fighting for healthy perceptions on beauty and weight.

Do the same! Sign the petition, rally your blog behind our unite voice for what we believe to be the balanced, as well as the inspirational way! Join Vogue in the global campaign against anorexia!

 Janina Nectara Vogue Italia Firma petizione contro i siti pro anoressia  Vogue

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