December 19, 2013

Out with the old, in with the new and may we have a brilliant Smythson 2014!

Smythson Bond Street Christmas

If we dream about a regal 2014, and let’s face it, who doesn’t, what Christmas Eve wish, what New Year’s resolution – we’ll also try them anyway, for tradition’s sake – the virtually fail proof solution lies somewhere at Smythson of Bond Street! Of course! An agenda from the leather wonders artisan of the royal family – from Queen Victoria onwards, to be precise – will provide us with positively royal months, weeks and days, well… factually speaking. Me, I’ve also went for a picture frame to round up my wonderful 2013 (with my dearest of memories, should it be Paris or should it be Milan… my heart will be having a hard time deciding…), but I didn’t expect the Smythson magic – Christmas magic – to completely overwhelm me! Why don’t you also have a look? The Smythson magic – magician magic – is just enchanting!

Smythson Bond Street Christmas picture frame

Smythson Grosvenor photograph frame, personalisable, £ 250

Smythson Bond Street Christmas 2014 diary

natural lizard skin Smythson Wilde Panama 2014 diary, £ 295


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Photos: Smythson