January 8, 2014

Online shopping takes down new records and Victoria Beckham, the most searched fashion label fashion of 2013

The numbers behind the holiday season’s great department stores’ and even greater fashion houses’ sales are not available yet, and statisticians and consultants agree that 2013 has been a year as complex as the mosaic of influences seen on the runways of a fashion week.

2013 high fashion sales

The players of the top fashion market have factored in the particularly short period between Thanksgiving and Christmas – punctuated by Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day -, the impact of the weather – which during its cold and stormy spells having hit Western Europe and the United States have both given new leases of life to winter wear items and held the buyers away from stores and spending time online shopping -, have weighed the fundamental decision – sales before or only after Christmas? – and dealt with the issue of failed deliveries for vast numbers of encouraged last minute orders leaving many with a yearning for the genuine Santa.

2013 high fashion sales

And if the totals paying for their efforts are not yet public, at least some of the seasonal winners can be speculated about: for instance, Hermès which this past November has upgraded its 2013 sales target, as well as the most searched for designers of the year by their US public: Victoria Beckham, Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren, followed by Chanel and Gucci. Online sales have reached unprecedented heights says the British Office for National Statistics, and the Americans talk about 10 days during which virtual shopping has cashed in not so virtual sums of over USD 1 billion.

Of course that, nevertheless, the true winner of the high street fashion year has been the economy. And should we want to contribute to a strong start to 2014… I figure we’d better look into the spring-summer trends, wouldn’t you agree?


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Photos: averysweetblog.com, supermodelearthquake.wordpress.com