August 24, 2012

Once you go black soap, you never go back

Have you ever heard about black soap? If your skin is prone to acne, or is very dry, one might have recommended you to search for this kind of soap. It is, indeed, a special soap, which has been first used by women in the tribes in West Africa, where it is produced.

The soap is made of cocoa beans ashes, palm tree leaves, coconut and olive oils, and that’s why is full of antioxidants, vitamin A and E. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and this is one of the reasons it helps prevent breakouts in the oily skin.

This soap is also good for the oily skin of the scalp, so if you have greasy hair you can switch from your daily shampoo to this natural miracle. You can also use it for dry skin, irritations, sensitive skin, evening out dark spots, and eliminating blemishes.



Black soap with eucalypt, 10€,

Black African soap, 7€,

Black liquid African soap, 11€,

Black exfoliating soap, 7€,

  Black African soap, 6€,