June 4, 2012

Oil with gold, for a glowing skin

Did you know that gold has antioxidant properties and is recommended for the dull skin treatment? It’s true, cosmetics containing this ingredient may seem more expensive, but how you look and feel influences you in all the fields, that’s why I suggest you shouldn’t neglect this aspect. But the product that I’ve discovered doesn’t even cost a fortune.

The Les Palais des Reines brand has a couple of products that contain gold, but between them there is a massage oil that could bring you a couple of  benefits in the next period. Not only that it moisturizes very well, and you need to hydrate well especially if you sunbathe, but it also leaves a nice glow on the skin. And a shiny skin that will make your tan and your summery outfits look better look.

These are the results that you will notice immediately after massaging your body, but on long term this oil promises to tone and regenerate the skin, especially if you apply it daily, after showering.

Don’t worry; it doesn’t leave the skin oily because it is rapidly absorbed. And if you like oriental flavors, you will surely like this product, because it has a amber scent. You can find it at a price of 32 €, at arganiana.com.

Photos:  lookpictures.net