August 5, 2013

Now on screen, the new Armani campaign!

Emporio Armani fall winter 2013 2014 campaign

Armani truly seems to have gone to Hollywood! If Armani Casa has made up the décor for Robert  Luketic’s thriller Paranoia – the film is to premier in the United States on the 16th of August – and its starring hero, Harrison Ford, dressed up in Armani is a villain with a smart wardrobe, then the new video of the fall-winter Emporio Armani campaign is none the less cinematographic.

The clothes are hypnotic, the rhythm ultra dynamic, the soundtrack full of atmosphere, all carrying forward the characters and story.

And maybe even the audience. I’ve picked a chic dress and glamorous clutch from the Armani fall preview and then given into temptation for a surprise-gift for him. When a movie changes one’s life…

Emporio Armani dress fall winter 2013 2014

Emporio Armani dress, USD 695

Emporio Armani clutch fall winter 2013 2014

Emporio Armani clutch, USD 625

Emporio Armani men's boots fall winter 2013 2014

men’s Emporio Armani boots, EUR 465


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Photo source: Armani