July 10, 2012

Not just another T-shirt


T-shirts are, by far, the most versatile item in one’s wardrobe. And that’s why I like choosing them carefully. The ones with interesting prints or messages are my favorite, because they can turn any ordinary outfit into a great apparition.

I have recently discovered the t-shirts called “Pround and chic” (Mandra chic), a line of t-shirts elaborated with moja.ro, that are different from all the others on the market. Each t-shirt is unique, because it has embroideries, lace and applications provided from a village called Mandra.


Beyond being a fashionable item, these t-shirts are actually a form of expressing Romanian traditions. The line includes 10 t-shirts for women, and 5 for children.

Beginning with next week, the  t-shirts can be bought from Moja.ro,  a concept store dedicated to Romanian designers. Each costs 37 €.



Photos: Mojo Pr Office