April 26, 2013

Nipple Tattooing – A Sensational New Trend Or Simply A Bizarre And Unnecessary Procedure?


We all want a perfect body – longer legs, a curvier derrière, skinnier ankles…but self-criticism can sometimes make us spot imperfections in some truly bizarre places. Liposuction to the knees or chin implants, for instance, are already intensely solicited plastic surgery procedures, but a particular practice has lately been increasing in popularity, giving birth to much controversy.

Once popular almost exclusively among female porn stars, nipple tattooing is gaining more and more attention among regular women, becoming a trend of its own. The procedure, which stands at the fine line between plastic surgery and semi-permanent makeup, involves defining the nipples and areolas by injecting a special pigment, offering a much more profitable alternative to classic breast-defining surgery, both in terms of finances, as well as in terms of invasiveness.

A nipple tattooing session (which involves injecting the anesthetised nipples and areolas with pigment 100 times per second), takes about two hours and will set you back approximately € 1,400. The effects last for 12 to 18 months, but with regular touch-ups, the results can be visible for years.


The voices of women who consider this procedure exaggerated and useless, are being silenced by those of the women who claim that nipple tattooing has made them feel as good as they would have after having a classic breast job done, given the fact that the practice of tattooing implies offering the optical illusion of perfectly symmetric breasts.

So: is nipple tattooing a bizarre and unnecessary practice…or is it a budding mega-trend, bound to soon become as popular as the good old boob job?

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Photos courtesy of: imgur.com, csebastian.tumblr.com