March 15, 2012

Nicki Minaj unique style


Nicki Minaj has a style that one can’t miss, no matter if you pay attention to it or not. Colored wigs, almost a new one at every other event, exaggerated eyeliner, pink lipstick, intense tones of makeup, transforms each performance into a show itself. Take a look at some of Nicki’s most eccentric appearances:

Wearing a huge animal print wig, at the Grammy Awards, in 2011 .

At the Versace and H&M launch, with a tropical hairstyle.

Barbie pink hair, a style that Minaj often chooses to wear.

At the annual Victoria’s Secret show with a wavy grain.

Her 26-year anniversary found her with a blonde wig with bangs.

Pink Friday Lipstick MAC launch was spiced by the appearance of Nicki with a multi-colored wig.

In one of her concerts, with a doll-face expression and outfit.

At the MTV Music Awards 2011, wearing a bun like an ice cream cone.