November 1, 2012

Natural beauty market will grow with 10% through 2016

People are beginning to be more and more aware that they have to make some efforts in order to be healthy and beautiful, inside and outside. Their concern can be seen in the way the natural beauty products market is developing. According to a research made by Kline&Company in 2012, the global market for the natural beauty category is projected to grow with 10% through 2016. Kline’s Consumer Industry Manager Nancy Mills believes that this is due to the fact that the consumer is better educated, aware of health, and environmental issues.

However, there are different areas in the world where the demand for natural products is bigger, like Western Europe and North America.  In Eastern Europe, consumers aren’t yet as discerning, and the movement is just starting to blossom.

As a natural consequence, this leads to the growing of the natural beauty market. Brands began to realize they have to gain credibility and they have to adopt transparent policy. Unilever’s brand Simple tries to clearly communicate people about the products benefit, explaining how the ingredients in their products work. Lush, known for its fresh made cosmetics, created the Lushopedia site, where they detail its use of natural and synthetic ingredients, even preservatives.

As consumers started worrying that the body absorbs products applied to skin in a similar way to how food is ingested, companies begin to produce creams that are so natural that can be eaten. For example, EdenSong Essential promises to deliver “food-grade, edible skin care and body care products using 100% raw, organic and chemical-free ingredients.” The anti-aging brand IO Beauty created an antioxidant serum that can be both applied on the skin and ingested.

And things don’t stop here. The appliances manufacturer Rowenta came with the idea of making a kit called Naturalis, and a recipe book that allows users to formulate their own cosmetics at home. Looks like 2016 will find us in a more natural environment!