March 30, 2012

Must-have Bags For A Stylish Wardrobe

A woman can never own too many purses and this season, designers have prepared such a tempting array of choices for us, that it gets harder and harder to make a decision. Emporio Armani, Mulberry, Alexander McQueen, Parfois, Judith Lieber, Mango and Valentino are just some of the chic alternatives for this spring. And to make it easier for you to decide, keep in mind that there are 9 types of bags that any fashionista must have in her closet:

The Tote

The classic bag that will never go out of style. It is usually medium sized or quite large, with two short handles. The tote is a very versatile bag, given that you can wear it either on your shoulder or on your arm. Extremely chic, this type of bag will most certainly never lose its charm.

1. Chloe €1130 2. Dolce & Gabbana €1100 3. Emporio Armani €915

1. YSL €820 2. Barneys Signature Bag €2505 3. Prada €1490

The Envelope Clutch

It can accompany both a daytime or an evening look, being an extremely chic alternative to the classic bag. The fact that it is not the most roomy bag out there is fully compensated by the fact that it looks absolutely sensational, whether you choose to wear it with pencil skirts or with skinny trousers.

1. Lulu Guinness €450 2. Vince Camuto €110 3. Emporio Armani €520

1. Maison du Posh €720 2. Parfois €28 3. Michael Kors €335

The Clutch

The envelope clutch’s distant cousin, the classic clutch bag usually has a boxier, more rigid shape. It goes really well with any cocktail dress that you might think of wearing and even though you must hold it in your hand the entire evening, given that it usually has no chain or handle, the “sacrifice” is fully worth it, as the clutch is the most adorable bag there is.

1. Bottega Veneta €950 2. Emilio Pucci €895 3. Judith Lieber €2205

1. Alexandra de Curtis €445 2. Parfois €25 3. Aspinal of London €710


The Statement Bag

Maybe it has intricate beading, crystal appliqués or even feathers. Maybe it cost the equivalent of an exotic trip to Ibiza or maybe you risked breaking your heels and nails in the hustle and bustle of a sample sale in order to get it. The fact is that the statement bag is so spectacular that you won’t want to let go of it all evening, and surely you mustn’t, for as long as you have it in your hand or on your arm, all eyes will be on you.

1. Miu Miu €965 2. Judith Lieber €565 3. Meghan €90

1. Ted Baker €155 2. Alexander McQueen €1510 3. Chloe €2300

The Cross-body Bag

Also known as the messenger bag, the cross-body bag is most certainly not boring, as the name might suggest. On the contrary, it’s one of the most stylish types of bags out there and it’s all the more chic due to the fact that when you choose to wear it across your body, the chain becomes an accessory in itself.

1. Mango €42 2.Christian Dior €2354 3.Love Moschino €122

1. Valentino €1400 2. Christian Louboutin €995 3.Lanvin €955

The Shopper

Just as the name suggests, the shopper is perfect for…well…shopping, being large enough to hold anything that you may feel is necessary to carry around town, as well as being chic enough to be sitting on your shoulder. Comfy and functional, both leather and fabric shoppers make a perfect pair with a casual outfit.

1. Mulberry €480 2. Parfois €35 3. Victoria Beckham €1950

1. Zac Posen €395 2. Isis €1940 3. Givenchy €1010

The Bowler

When you feel that any other type of bag is just not big enough, reach out for a bowler. You can stuff in it whatever you like, from your makeup kit to a pair of heels and a change of clothes, for those evenings when you want to go out on the town straight from the office. Michael Kors and Mango offer some of the best examples of how you can do this and still look chic.

1. Mango €51 2. Prada €1050 3. Parfois €40

The Travel Bag

For the fashionista who cannot help herself from returning from every trip with a bunch of souvenirs in the form of new outfits, accessories and shoes that double the volume of her initial luggage.

1. Louis Vuitton €2120 2. Gucci Trolley 3. Heys Britto €260

1. Prada Hatbox €1690 2. Diane Von Furstenberg €171 3. Diane Von Furstenberg €90

The Beauty Bag

Lipsticks, blushes, brushes and an array of small bottles filled with serums, creams and other “magic potions” meant to help us look feminine and beautiful – They all need a special place in your purse or luggage, and what better way to store them than inside an adorable beauty case?!

1. Heys Britto €150 2. Tory Burch €49 3. Aspinal of London €41

1. Sephora €41 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs €90 3. Stephanie Johnson €33


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