July 8, 2013

The Summer’s Musical Obsession: Jay Z – Tom Ford


I’m don’t really know what are the latest movies to hit the big screens, what films that won the latest Oscar Awards or what screenings made the crowds go wild at the last Cannes Film Festival, but when it comes to music….ah, music is a whole other thing for me. The biggest part of my day uually has a ”soundtrack”. Music is playing in the background, whether I’m working, driving or simply relaxing. Most times, discovering a new song that I like turns into a full-on marathon, meaning that for the next couple of days, the respective track will be blasting non-stop on repeat mode through my speakers.

My latest musical obsession, which I’m sure will soon become yours as well? Jay Z – Tom Ford.


Of course, this isn’t the first time when a designer appears, either by name or actually in the flesh, in an artist’s music. Maison Martin Margiela, a favourite label or rapper Kanye West, is mentioned in his ”Niggas In Paris” track, while Karl Lagerfeld appears alongside Snoop Dogg in rapper Jean-Roch‘s music video and Anna Dello Russo teaches us the most important style lessons in an explosive video released last year as part of the promotional campaign for her collaboration with H&M.


Tom Ford, who has recently collaborated with another stylish artist, Justin Timberlake, on his cover single ”Suite & Tie” (Ford is resposible for Justin’s impeccable looks both in the video and on the single’s cover, as well as for the artist’s many red carpet appearances), not only offers the title of Jay Zs track, but is also its main star.

Curious yet?

Listen to Jay Z – Tom Ford right here ->

I guarantee it will make the top of your playlist!


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