May 13, 2013

Mugler Follies. Thierry Mugler’s sophisticated exuberance, soon on stage

Mugler Follies

Multi artistic designer Thierry Mugler is working for the Paris December opening of a variety show with strong music hall accents, called Mugler Follies. ’’A visionary show, pulsating with creativity, mixing joy with eroticism, magic and high technology, light and transformations for taking the spectator on a mad ride of emotions.’’ is what Thierry Mugler is set to accomplish, and his fans never doubt his ability to innovate and revolutionise.

As a child, he was passionate about drawing and classical dance, then went on to study interior design. He loves photography, travelling and adventure, directs short movies, advertisements and music videos. He lends his artistic expertise to staging, lighting and choreography and designs stage costumes – from Macbeth to Cirque du Soleil, from George Michael all the way to Beyoncé.

Beyonce Mugler

It is bound to be another tribute to the artistic expression of freedom and beauty. And it might well be the most sensorially explosive from among all of the many forms Mugler has explored so far.


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Photo sources: Mugler Follies, Mugler