July 27, 2012

Most women wear makeup even at the gym

Perfect bodies and faces seen on TV and magazines, as well as celebrities looking flawless all the time, seem to have put a lot of pressure on women. A poll made by Asda and published by dailymail.com shows that seven out of ten women put makeup on before going to the gym. Also, one in four fitness lovers spends longer than 15 minutes in front of the mirror, for getting ready.

The most popular makeup item is mascara, which two out of five women say they apply before a workout. On the second place stands the foundation, with 34 per cent of women use it, even if they know they are going to sweat at the gym. Lip gloss is worn by 21 per cent of the women that were polled.

One of the worst choices that 17 per cent gym lovers make is applying fake tan lotions before heading to the workout place. Seems like the risk in getting white spots because of the sweating doesn’t count as much as looking a little bit tanned.

Photos: noseq.com