July 30, 2013

Moschino. The Scottish connection

Moschino fall winter 2013 2014

I bet you know that feeling of great enthusiasm with a place or story, a soft spot that sticks with you over the years until it’s impossible to tell where it begun or to pin down any palpable reason to justify such a childish passion.

When we were little, it was maybe for a doll, later in adolescence for the gorgeous Morten Harket from the phenomenal A-ha – founded well before we were even able to have any doll crushes – and now, well, yes, for another gorgeous, this time Clive Owen!

What I, for a change, seem to have kept intact is a mysterious attraction for Scotland. And the Loch Ness monster sure doesn’t have anything to do with it, and I somehow believe not even Sean Connery or Gerard Butler had a say. But whatever it is that Scotland did to me, it also did to Moschino.

An entire collection, from boots all the way to jockey caps in typically Scottish shades, tartan and nobiliary insignia do not get dedicated to a land with anything but a powerful magnetic fascination. And this is important for me for at least three reasons – because it proves my passion to be perfectly justifiable, because I can cure my little obsession by going no further than at the Moschino boutique and well… because the fall-winter Moschino collection is absolutely fantastic!

All‘s well that ends well, isn’t it?

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Photo source: Moschino