August 30, 2013

More colour, more pleasure

Paul Smith fall 2013

Colour on colour, fuchsia and red, cobalt aflame with rust, burnt orange, ah, it’s just as much of a pleasure rolling their names off your tongue as it is resting your eyes on the intensity of a Paul Smith frill shirt!

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And I tell you! I dream about cashmere, silk and teal against my skin… It’s obvious isn’t it? The Paul Smith fall collection has tuned up my senses and I’d say that with absolutely no impairing on my logic. It took me just seconds to decide and I won’t regret it. Now, please allow me a few more minutes. I need to re-evaluate my wardrobe and see what bold shades I can match with my trousers the colour of mustard. They’re already on their way!

Paul Smith fall 2013


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Photo source: Paul Smith