March 1, 2015

Milan Fashion Week F/W 2015-2016 – First Days Highlights

This event of the year sets the tone and stylistic directions of the fall-winter season. And as such an event couldn’t just pass by unnoticed by Observator Special, we’ve sent a fit ambassador: Janina Nectara.

Janina already feels at home there. It’s her eight consecutive year of witnessing fashion’s international events, through her blog, Fashion Avec Passion. The only internationally recognised fashion blog in Romania.

Janina Nectara: Observator Special is in the midst of the world’s biggest fashion event – Milan Fashion Week.


Of course, the trends start getting their contours from as early as New York and London, but the armada of brands truly cementing the following season’s trends resides in Milan, to then be followed by Paris.

That’s why, all of the industry’s professionals and people in the know are here: magazine editors from Vogue, L’Officiel or Harper’s Bazaar, hundreds of TV stations, digital influencers, celebrities or the buyers of the most important department stores.

From the very first days, the runways have kicked off with leading names: Gucci, Blumarine, Cavalli, Anteprima, Armani, Byblos, Philipp Plein and many others.


JN: We’re at Milan Fashion Week, at Roberto Cavalli’s show and the favourite designer to the stars sashaying down the red carpet has just showcased his collection – one kept under guarded secret until today.


The days are intense, but Janina has gotten used to up to 12 shows a day and just as many collection debuts in the showrooms.

These are important days for the fashion industry, as well as for the lovers of fashion. The Italian designers show to the public their next season’s creations and they all seem to be parading a day of celebration: electric colours, vibrant prints have struck a common cord in almost all collections, and they’ve all had typically Italian spectacular styles.


Alessia Reato (Mara Barzaghi manager): I think that the show will be beautiful. Because I know Manuel (Manuel Facchini, Byblos Creative Director) – who is a fantastic person and also his dresses are fantastic.


JN: You look great, by the way!


AR: Ah, thank you. It’s great. I love this dress, because it’s so colourful and happy, like me. I think it’s similar to me.


But where best feel the pulse of a catwalk than behind the scenes? Janina has been invited backstage by most designers, to have a premiere peak at the collections before everyone else.


JN: We are in the backstage of the Byblos runway show. Exclusively for Observator Special, the designer has invited us to preview the collection before it’s catwalk debut.


This as all of the collections are under confidential consignment up to the show. Hundreds of TV stations and magazines have waited on the other side of the podium, in the main room, for what Janina had already captured on camera, exclusively for Observator Special.


Natasha Slater: Hello, this is Natasha Slater at the Just Cavalli event and you are watching Observator Special! Thanks for being here!


Furthermore, Milano Fashion Week is not just about clothing collections, but also about spectacular make up and hair styling sessions. And Janina will be sharing with you all about this fascinating world.


JN: Exclusively for Observator Special, Janina Nectara and Gabi Crisan.


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