September 25, 2013

MFW. Miuccia Prada introducing Prada S/S 2014 and 6 up and coming artists

The Prada show at Milan Fashion Week has been a tour de force laden with examples of mastery from the fascinating range of Miuccia Prada the designer, the role model, the paramount, the revolution driver.

The influential designer behind the Italian house took the opportunity to fully explore all of the possible ramifications of her position. So, next to her own imagination, she got involved into the sketch-making of her eclectic collection the talents of six new young artists. Gabriel Specter, El Mac, Mesa, Pierre Mornet, Stinkfish and Jeanne Detallante were given the opportunity to not only decorate the walls of the Milan show venue, but also had the chance of seeing fragments of their murals depicting femininity as prints lending fresh energy to Prada’s ultra contemporary pieces.

Another Prada success, a real success for design and creativity!


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Photo source: Vogue Italy