September 23, 2015

MFW: Gucci celebrating its transformation with the redesigned Milan flagship store

The Fashion Weeks mean, at the very core of the event, a time of reinvention, renewal, inspiration and new horizons – in brief, a creative process that is a virtual trend-making machine.

And for the Florentine fashion house of Gucci, Milan Fashion Week September 2015 brings not only the next spring-summer collection by Alessandro Michele, but sets a decisive step on its new creative and strategic path.

As stated in a press release, Gucci has chosen MFW to top an entire series of undergone transformations with the unveiling of the Via Montenapoleone, Milan Gucci concept store in its new, refurbished version. Creative Director Alessandro Michele took Gucci’s stylistic reigns at the beginning of the year and is positioned front and center in the reshaping of perspective that the historical House has embarked upon.

Marco Bizzarri, Gucci President & CEO, explains: ’’The new contemporary vision for the brand is now clearly beginning to come to life across multiple touch-points: Alessandro’s new collections, new advertising campaigns, new store windows, new packaging and now a brand new store concept.’’

With respect to the new Milan store – whose atmosphere and decorative principles are meant to web into the entire international network of Gucci boutiques – the details come from Alessandro Michele himself. ’’Today, we live in a world of contrasts and it is this that makes life interesting. The new store design not only brings together diverse elements, blurring the lines between the traditional and the contemporary, but also allows the clothes and accessories to speak for themselves.’’

And, indeed, this new dynamic of incongruous interior design elements is visible throughout the Via Montenapoleone store. Pieces stemming from the traditional, the antique and the opulent – velvet upholstered armchairs, oriental rugs in rich burgundy-red and cobalt-blue, marble – are being offset by industrial-inspired furniture and cement floors. The result is a versatile space whose mood is turned to romantic under the influence of Michele’s fall-winter collection, as well as that of the decorative sub-theme of the store: travel and travel accessories.

Gucci flagship concept store Via Montenapoleone Milano



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Photos: Gucci