December 18, 2014

Mercedes-Benz Travel Season: Vienna, invitation to the ball!

Vienna is a city familiar with the extraordinary.

From monumental imperial period buildings, to the famous Schönbrunn balls, from shopping at Chopard in the exclusive Golden U up to the Christmas market in front of the City Hall! Since once you got to know the modern Vienna on the banks of the Danube or Mozart’s house like your own back yard, it’s easy to put a pair of fashion glasses on and, through them, read the whole of Vienna as a big museum to style. One with an adequately sized 🙂 souvenir shop!

Let’s get ahead of ourselves, but take the attractions one at a time!

Mercedes-Benz GLA, the hottest car (to be read “my favourite“) in Tiriac Auto‘s portfolio, has accompanied me in a genuine travel of learning, where I discovered the most unexpected details about Vienna.


! About Prater being the site of the world’s largest flip-flop race you might not have heard yet either. Yet that the old city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site I’m pretty sure you did. How about the fact that Vienna is the second largest German speaking city in the world, after Berlin? That is called the City of Music and that it hosts the headquarter of OPEC and United Nations offices?

! That besides the Wiener Schnitzel and Apfelstrudel, Vienna is also famous for Sachertorte, an original chocolate and apricot jam cake created at the Sacher Hotel? That Vienna has its own culture of the ’’see and be seen’’, turned to institution as the city’s favourite pastime, Kaffeehauskultur – coffee shop going?

Vienna Christmas fashion shopping #TravelAvecPassion #DrivingAvecPassion

And here we are, again having arrived where we had been meant to from the very beginning! At the visual pleasure that Vienna gets you addicted to somewhere between the Demel pastry shop and Stephansdom to then never leave you. So let’s put our sunglasses on, the ones for seeing la vie en wiener-rose, and go through the (fashion) shopping & inspiration landmarks of the city!

! Elegance comes in many shades, and in Vienna a horsemanship demonstration by the Hofburg Lipizzaner or an evening at the Vienna State Opera Ballet are just two among them. The third – with over 200 repetitions a year – are, of course, the Viennese balls. For EUR 223 we could attend the New Year’s ball at the Wiener Rathauskeller. Of course, if you already booked your NYE party, no worries, on the City Hall’s website it has been published the schedule all the way to September 2015! And if you find it impossible to buy tickets to the opera, just know that I have well-connected friends.



! At the Imperial Treasury – Schatzkammer – the jewelry of the Habsburg dynasty can be seen, and at The Sisi Museum, personal effects of the legendary empress. At the end of the day, if Chanel Métiers d’Art was held in Salzburg, it wouldn’t be inspired to try and compete with Karl Lagerfeld so we should seek inspiration in the Viennese baroque instead.

! In December, the average snowfall in Vienna is of 16.4 cm. The statisticians haven’t also added this up, but we could risk saying that it’s just the ideal snow depth combining the Christmas shopping spirit with the practical side of going up and down Mariahilferstraße and the Golden U!


! There also are, of course, the Christmas markets! 21 to be exact and offering a wide selection of festive entertainment: tree decorations, souvenirs, sweets, traditional confections, mulled wine… Even a fair for everyone’s taste. The one at the Rathaus is the biggest, at Spittelberg you appreciate the architecture of the Biedermeier buildings in the area, at Schönbrunn and Belvedere, even more so…






! The first is the ultra-popular destination for fashion for the entire family. But if what you’re interested in is high calibre brands, in the horseshoe shaped area – one big of almost 12 000 m2 of historical and particularly lucky streets – you find over 50 high fashion flagship stores. From Akris up to Valentino they criss-cross the alphabet and global fashion.

! On Graben street: Prada, Bottega Veneta, Emporio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Roberto Cavalli, Sergio Rossi, Brioni, Dolce & Gabbana, Mulberry, Etro, Pomellato, Brunello Cucinelli…




Plus Cartier, Chopard, Tiffany, Wellendorff and, for truly imperial tastes, the oldest auction house in the world: Dorotheum.






! And local design is excellently represented too. Yes, in the stores also as in architecture. Awareness & Consciousness is Christiane Gruber’s brand. She studied under Raf Simons and Viktor & Rolf and her boutique is on Lindengasse.

! Andreas Eberharter’s jewelry – AND_i – is highly appreciated by Lady Gaga while Wagner is the largest luxury jewelry store in Austria.

! And if beauty can mean a great many things to you, I’m sure that a Perzy snow globe, with 100 years of tradition and its own Snow Globe Museum makes it first to Santa’s list.


! Vienna, the city with flourishing culture and innovation, is considered the most prosperous city in the world (with a 24th place ranking among the world’s most expensive cities). Vienna attracts 5 million visitors a year and it – irresistibly – attracted me as well with the light of the biggest emerald in the world (2 860 carats, at the Imperial Treasury).

Yes, Vienna is full of treasures (tucked away in museums or in plain sight, incorporated in the city’s architecture).

Lucky me that I have my travel and fashion companion – Mercedes-Benz GLA from Ţiriac Auto – in my life, to take me to this wonderful German-speaking metropolis and remind me that that all the fashion we delightfully read about on Fashion avec Passion is, in fact, owed to an Austrian: Josef Madersperger, who in the early 1800s invented the sewing machine.

Elegant and revolutionary, isn’t it? Like Vienna itself!


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