February 18, 2013

Matthew McConaughey, probably fashion world’s most seductive designer

Actor Matthew McConaughey is set to extend his appeal from the screen all the way down to fashion stores.

Starting this spring, his sports and beachwear line is to become available in the United Stated at Dillard’s, yet McConaughey’s objectives seem to be rather different from your average celebrity designer. He isn’t claiming to have always had an interest in fashion, nor to be having such an artistically creative personality that it has found yet another natural means of expression.

Matthew McConaughey seems to be passionate about life, and his JKL clothing aim to encourage an active and adventurous lifestyle, just as the actor’s Just Keep Livin’ Foundation has been doing. The organisation is to partially benefit of the revenues of its patron’s adventurous brush with the world of fashion.

Matthew McConaughey


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Photo source: people.com