January 9, 2013

Mario Testino’s world and the world through Mario Testino’s eyes. In 2013, two exhibitions at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Mario Testino princess Diana

Mario Testino, The Fashion Photographer, was born in 1954 in Lima, Peru. During his childhood, he wanted to be a priest. Later, at university, he studied Economics. And once in London, photography.

His career of, so far, over 30 years, has been shaped by and has punctuated the evolution of Vogue and Vanity Fair. Gisele Bündchen owes him her rise to the top model status. And Kate Moss is his muse.

Mario Testino Gisele Bundchen

The 1997 Princess Diana photo shoot has shown the world some of the most revealing and revelatory photographs of all time.

Since 2012 MATE, Mario Testino’s foundation, is committed to the promotion of culture.

In 2013, Testino has two simultaneous exhibitions – In Your Face running until February 3rd and British Royal Portraits until June 16th, at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

 Mario Testino Kate Winslet

The Mario Testino universe is also made up of:

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Mario Testino on photography:

Grunge came from a group of English photographers, and they were documenting their own reality… I’m South American – we celebrate life.

My pictures are my eyes.

It is all probably becoming more and more one.


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