April 18, 2013

Marc Jacobs – Honey: A Deliciously Sweet Essence Perfect For Hot Summer Days


The season of delicate sandals, flowing dresses and sweet scents to discreetly accompany them, is almost here.

Perfect for hot summer days, the new Marc Jacobs fragrance, playfully entitled ”Honey”, combines a fruity punch of mandarin, peach and green pear with the delicate floral touch of honeysuckle and orange blossoms, all topped off with sweet notes of vanilla and honey.

The warm, floral/fruity  scent, which evokes the energy of hot summer days, is encapsulated in an adorable golden bottle featuring two tiny bees that seem just as tempted by the sweet essence as we.

Launching in July, ”Honey” will be available as 30/50/100 ml EDP, as well as in the form of a fresh shower gel and body lotion to complement the fragrance.

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Photos courtesy of: 1000fragrances.blogspot.com, vogue.co.uk