January 22, 2016

Marc Cain F/W 2016-2017 – the attraction of contrasts

The German brand, Marc Cain, has been painting, over the 42 years since its inception, and continues to cultivate an elegant style and classic refinement, whose details are pinpointed with a display of high fashion precision.

The Marc Cain collections, shown during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin, mould together artisanship and state of the art manufacturing, incorporated in an impeccable styling. There was no exception for the Fall/Winter 2016-2017 runway show which put forward another perfect example heralded by the Marc Cain motto: ’’The collection is the Star!’’.

Marc Cain Janina Nectara Casa Frumoasa Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Under the guidance of the Creative Director, Karin Veit, the ’’Velvet Affairs’’ show – like it had been labeled on the invitation – turned into an explosion of elegance, grace, underpinned by pieces showing a strong sense of playfulness. The eclectic design brought together chromatic and print choices at apparent odds that, nonetheless, when brought together, become involved in a magnetic ‘’affair’’ meant to show that opposites attract in fashion as well.

The colour scheme of the runway pieces spanned from vibrant or dark tones – lemon-yellow, orange-red or various shades of brown and black – to soft options, such as powdered pinks or nude.

The prints have been, likewise, set free to share in their notions of graphic richness, following the same routine of the carefully balanced unexpected: florals have been joined by animal prints, as well as geometrical patterns, such as checks, tartans and houndstooth fabrics.

The cuts supporting this exercise in visual juxtapositions have made the case of a delicate and slender silhouette. Among the collection’s staples, as underscored by Veit’s vision, have been a number of masculine pieces (tomboyish) – with special highlights given to the jackets and the lightly flared, high waist, loose, flowing leg trouser.

From another perspective, playing into the subtle opulence principle, also pervading the collection’s other characteristics, the use of materials enhanced the set’s refinement. Velvet, mohair, suede, cashmere, silk, as well as faux fur stoles, have all made for both a more than welcome contrast and a genuine delight to the touch, that fashion lovers will definitely appreciate this next cold season.

All, while among the collection’s surprising accents were a sum of hidden – or not – details: contrasting coloured linings, oversized metallic zippers, detachable collars, Victorian style scarves, faux fur rucksacks and, complementing numerous outfits, wide-brim hats or Russian caps.

Marc Cain Janina Nectara Casa Frumoasa Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Marc Cain Janina Nectara Casa Frumoasa Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin


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Photos: Marc Cain