March 6, 2012


Backstage with the Costume National models

If yesterday I had Pavarotti in my ears when the day broke, today I woke up with Mr. Chow in my mind. Mr. Chow is so charming that I can’t take it off my mind. It is to blame for my walking up and down the room, aimlessly, till Bryanboy shouted at me that it was late and that we should have taken off by then to go to the Costume National, the first show of the day.

I assume you have no knowledge of Mr. Chow’s identity. Well, Mr. Chow is the song played by the Acoustic Alchemy, which Ingrid -The Bag Hag Diaries – kept listening to at its maximum sound volume ever since we met in Paris. And because good music is catching, I too got Mr. Chow fever.

But, even though I gave up Mr. Chow instantly, we still had to run to catch a taxi. Our street had been closed all morning because of a marathon. And I can’t really explain myself how it is that each year the sports race happens to be on the street right before our house when each year the apartment we rent has a different street address.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was that we had to cross the street to catch the taxi. The problem was there was no way to cross it because a never-ending flood of people was running in one direction and we wanted to get to the other side of the street. If you ask me, I don’t know exactly what I would have thought had I seen two persons in fur or leather coats, wearing oversized sunglasses, glamour chains, high heels and holding purses in their hands, running shoulder to shoulder with the marathon runners, but this is how we struggled to ski race through the racers to cross the street. There’s so little one does not do for fashion’s sake! Particularly when we talk about Costume National.


Entering the Alexis Mabille show

Defying the temperature pretty close to 0 Celsius degrees, the tropical rhythms of the Acoustic Alchemy music encouraged me to wear:

– Janina Nectara leather coat with chain belt

– Mango sunglasses

– Mango top

– Emporio Armani laptop bag

– Janina Nectara leather pants

Leaving CN, we headed straight to the Alexis Mabille show we have been making comments on and on about, me and my colleague, during a short break for a late lunch.

Actually, lunch is an overstatement… Well, it was not quite still mineral water and lemon, but pretty close to it anyways, if I watch the contents of my plate. This is the Paris fashion. Nothing to be done about it.



As a matter of fact, I should have shown you one more picture with the gambas, but the typical French dawdling made it so that it never really got to us on time. So, I had to settle for a meal fit for models and run for the John Galliano presentation.


At the end of John Galliano show – fantastic collection for fall/winter 2012. Coming back with details.

I knew I would need my laptop during the day, that’s why I’ve been carrying it along. I gave up the classical bag in favor of the special bag for my portable PC shopped from the Emporio Armani store on 60-64 Calea Victoriei. It is equally functional and stylish.


My PC and my PC bag followed me all the way to the Kenzo show where I saw Puff Daddy


Diddy was assailed by photographers who would not let him be until the beginning of the show. And when the show was over, here they went again, attacking him.

The way to the Givenchy show was far from being smooth. The Kenzo presentation unfolded on several floors, which led to a real passenger traffic jam around the escalators. Actually, some of them broke down with overstraining.


Godfrey Deeny – Fashion Wire Daily – and Markus Ebner – Achtung Mode – congratulating the new designers of Maison Kenzo, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim.



Last picture before going to Givenchy caught me in too.



I promise to come back with more pictures and more details about each and every event. But now I’ve got to run to get myself ready for the next fashion shows because, at this hour, anyways, Mr. Chow will not allow me to stay focused.