April 24, 2013

Manifesto For The Perfect Silhouette (Which Doesn’t Feature Ribs And Collarbones On Display)

A couple of years ago, I happened to lose quite a lot of weight. Surprisingly, all the men I know, with absolutely no exception, told me that I had actually looked better before losing all that weight. Given the fact that I, like any other woman, had always imagined that men like skinny girls better than any other type, I stopped to analyse my body in the mirror. My bust, which had always been my pride, didn’t have that ”wow” factor on its own any more – it now needed a little push-up help. Dresses that once contoured a perfect silhouette no longer clung to my backside, sensually highlighting my derrière, and even bangles kept falling off my now tiny wrists. My décolletage, which used to look sensational in boat necklines, was suddenly overshadowed by a visible collarbone, while my ribs tended to show through any top that was tight enough on my body.

Even though I had followed the healthiest diet on Earth, which featured lots of salads and many trips to the gym per week, I had somehow managed to become too skinny, so much that my body had crossed over the ”perfect silhouette” border, reaching a state that prompted my friends to offer me a sandwich, instead of a compliment on my figure.

If my 114lbs made me feel too skinny, I can’t help but wonder how women who starve themselves daily, to the point in which the body, devoid of energy, is on the brink of collapsing, feel in their skin.

Brazilian modeling agency Star Models, has taken a stand to this situation, launching the ”Say No To Anorexia” campaign, which features designer sketches along with sickeningly skinny girls, who look like they’ve just stepped out of an apocalyptic Third World scenario.


The campaign is addressed both to women who have the tendency to regard photoshopped photos and magazine sketches as the epitome of beauty, even when they promote an unhealthy body image, as well as to designers who contribute to this phenomenon by involuntarily prompting the hiring of skinny models in campaigns and catwalk shows, due to the fact that sample clothes are being made for much too small sizes.


Vogue UK is already fighting for the protection of models, while a couple of prestigious fashion houses, such as Armani, Versace and Prada, have shown their support for promoting a healthy body image.


Show your support as well, by adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle, so that you can pride yourself on having a fabulous body!

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Photos courtesy of: buzzfeed.com