August 12, 2013

Makeup Tips For Allergy Season


For some, summer doesn’t just mean fun in the sun, but also red, teary eyes, irritated skin and a permanent sickly face, all caused by various allergies, such as the one to pollen. Here are a few simple makeup tips to counteract the effects of allergy season:

>> Forget coloured mascara, which will give you an unattractive version of a smoky eye in no time. Since waterproof formulas are not recommended, especially for those that suffer from allergies, go for a colourless mascara that will lengthen and offer a boost of volume without the risk of smearing all around your eyes immediately after you leave the house.

>> To counteract eye redness, make sure you always have eye drops on you, such as Visine.

>> Makeup in shades of blue will visually minimise the redness of your eyes. A blue eyeshadow used all around the eyes (both on your upper and lower eyelids), will not only make your gaze look more luminous, but will also make you look super stylish, coupled with a tanned skin. Skip the geometric lines and go for a smoky effect, which will not suffer once or if you start tearing. Keep a makeup brush handy for any touch-ups throughout the day.

>> Avoid eye makeup in shades of pink, red or orange, which will accentuate the redness caused by allergies.

>> Eye makeup products in bold shades contain more pigment, which can accentuate allergy symptoms. As much as possible, try to stick to nude or subtle shades.

>> Use disposable wands to apply mascara each day, to avoid re-infecting your eyes with the same allergens.

>> Avoid applying any type of makeup on your waterline, as it will most likely end up in your eyes immediately after your start tearing.

>> Use a primer to make sure your makeup stays in place.

>> Sunglasses are not only stylish, but also protect you from various air-borne allergens, such as pollen.

>> Minimise skin irritation or flakyness with thermal water. Keep it in the fridge before heading out of the house, for a boost of coolness and freshness every time you apply it.

>> To counteract the look of red skin around your eyes and nose, caused by frequent tearing and a perpetually runny nose, use a green-based corrector and then, a concealer.


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