June 20, 2012

Make-up testers are dangerous for your health

How many times have you used make-up testers before buying a product? Maybe it’s better not to even think about it, considering the latest findings. After they went undercover to test the safety of shared make-up testers, a team from Good Morning America discovered that make-up testers are filled with bacteria, mould and fecal matter. This means that when using the testers, people are sharing thousands of germs.

Philip Tierno, Director of Microbiology at NYU Langone Medical Centre said that in the testers were found germs that can make anyone sick. He said: “If you you have an open cut, you might not want to go the route of using make-up that has been used by other people.”


Brushes and foundations were found to be the dirtiest, and specialists suggest trying them on the neck, rather than on the face. They advise to try the lipsticks and the eye shadow on the back of the hand.

Good Morning America tested samples in different stores, but there were no differences between the luxury stores and the regular stores.

Photos:  fashionboom.com.br, aquieuencontrei.com.br