April 29, 2014

make up + jewellery = beauty = Dior

Nothing’s better than a good thing… maybe, no, certainly!, just two good things! And no, I haven’t started studying philosophy and reached my first revealing conclusion on the meaning of life. It’s quite simply about Dior. And about the revelations any layperson can have once inside the meaningful universe ruled by the laws of beauty created – we don’t know precisely in how many days – by Christian Dior.

What am I talking about? About how wonderful a harmony can emerge between flawless make up and too-perfect-to-be-real jewels. More precisely, between Dior Beauty and Dior Haute Joaillerie!

Learn all about the Cher Dior, My Dior and Rose Dior Bagatelle jewellery collections, as well as haute joaillerie!

And for the secrets of the perfect smokey eye paired with the remarkable Dior Rouge 999, follow the steps of the make up tutorials!

Dior Haute Joaillerie

Dior’s jewels collections are available exclusively in the boutiques. Find them here.


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Photos: fabfashionfix.com, Dior