September 11, 2013

LVMH for beautiful, successful women. From bags to coaching programs

Guerlain LVMH Natalia Vodianova

LVMH doesn’t just take wonderful care of the beauty and happiness of (well, me, and) women around the world, but also of the ones building their careers inside the group, the biggest luxury conglomerate in the world.

Maybe that the management at LVMH wants to make sure that it is ruling an empire for women and of women. Or, rather, it is valuing the improved creativity and professionalism that a happy, fulfilling workplace means for employees, regardless of their sex.

The EllesVMH Coaching program is a meant for high potential women within the group and has objectives such as working on what they ‘’don’t know that they don’t know’’ and of improving their awareness on that doing a good job isn’t always enough for getting noticed.

In other words, it is about exploring work related empowerment dimensions that, if overlooked, can make the difference between a solid career and a brilliant one. And the distinction is, just as for a Guerlain perfume or a Louis Vuitton bag, between satisfaction and excellence.

It’s good to know that your acquisition is financing a responsible production and management chain, isn’t it? It is just that I hope that it can lure us not just into a new LV Speedy, but also towards a more confident, proactive attitude, regardless of our not working at LVMH. Did you see the video? It has a high content of inspirational feedback!


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Photo source: LVMH