February 29, 2012

Lucky red like fire

Red has always been an object of admiration, but, as a paradox, also a most sidestepped color. The explanation “I love it, but it’s just not for me” has long made history in the book of clichés and it seems it is there to stay.

And if a splash of color in the size of a long evening gown may inhibit, its alternative does not waste the time and runs to us worn by the models on the catwalk. The shoes! Exactly! Every season, designers come up with fresh designs, but the color omnipresent in most shows is, of course, RED!

And you don’t even need a fashion expert to tell you how cheerful your outfit can become with the help of a red shoe or a psychologist to say how cheerful you yourself can become wearing them.

Because they are hot sexy, they get themselves noticed from light year distance and add more salt to your one-color (and not only) outfit to give it a sensational look with minimum effort. That’s why you’ve got to have at least one pair. In your own choice of the design.