May 28, 2013

Louis Vuitton Invites You To Join An Enchanting Visual Voyage Through Four Of The World’s Most Fascinating Destinations


Where will you be spending your holiday this summer? Will it be on a sunny far-away beach, or maybe exploring the secrets of a busy city…?

Louis Vuitton, the absolute expert when it comes to traveling, the inventor of the art of packing for a voyage (discover Louis Vuitton – The Art Of Packing – your essential guide for the start of every journey), and the creator of a fantastic series of tourist guides (discover the Louis Vuitton City Guides collection – Paris, New York, Tokyo, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Macao, Rome, London, Berlin, Kyoto, amongst others, to uncover the secrets of some of the world’s most breathtaking destinations), is now inviting you to join a fabulous visual journey through four of the most fascinating voyage destinations.


The Louis Vuitton Travel Books collection, which includes four books, depicting the story of Paris, London, New York and Easter Island, through contemporary art, fashion illustrations and comic book segments, merged into the unique visions of four different artists.

The artists chosen to illustrate the four books with over 100 drawings each, offer their personal vision of the four destinations, a virtual voyage whose beauty and intensity is highlighted by the fact that each of them has been selected to depict a landscape vastly different from their own.

Jean-Philipe Delhomme, French artist and blogger, has illustrated the New York Travel Book, while Congolese artist Chéri Samba depicted the City of Lights in the Paris Travel Book, Japanese illustrator Natsko Seki describes a virtual adventure through London, and American artist Daniel Arsham tells the story of Easter Island.

 lv travel book 8

lv travel books 2

lv travel books 4

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lv travel books

Discover the enchanting Louis Vuitton Travel Books in LV stores, as well as online, for the price of 46 EURO each, and don’t forget to pack them in your travel suitcase this summer. They are a must-read, whether you’re heading to a sandy beach or a bench in Central Park NY.


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