July 11, 2012

Louis Vuitton: The Art Of Traveling In Style

Who doesn’t remember the paparazzi snapshots of Victoria Beckham at the airport, always impeccably styled in slim cut dresses and sky-high stilettos, with dark sunglasses and with a stylish Birkin resting on her arm?

The art of traveling in style doesn’t however only entail super-stylish outfits, business class tickets and 7 star hotels.

Just in time for the summer holiday, Louis Vuitton has prepared some advice for you, to help you pack for your trips. Using three of the brand’s iconic suitcases – the Alzer, the Pégase and the Keepall, Louis Vuitton experts are revealing the secrets of the art of packing, a craft deeply rooted in the brand’s history.

Also, don’t neglect these important rules, to ensure that when packing for a trip, you use your limited space to the maximum, all the while resting assured that your clothes won’t end up wrinkly or damaged upon your arrival to your destination:

1. Make a list of the things you want to bring with you. Even if you’re not a list type of girl, all the rushing and haste before leaving for your trip is guaranteed to make you forget at least a couple of things.

2. Store your shoes in fabric satchels. Cardboard boxes take up way too much space, and by storing shoes unprotected inside your luggage, you run the risk of damaging them.

3. If you plan on packing a fur coat, a jacket or a suit, make sure you place them on a coat hanger before tucking them into their separate travel bags (which you get when you purchase them), then fold them in half and place them in your suitcase, over the heavier items.

4. Given that the sleeves of jackets are the most difficult parts to iron, make sure they don’t get wrinkly by placing a paper frame inside of them, which will keep their shape.

5. Don’t pack valuable objects in your suitcase. Your passport, money and travel papers are best stored in your purse or hand luggage.

6. Don’t pack your entire wardrobe for one trip. However, don’t forget to bring one chic outfit, no matter the destination, because you never know who you might meet.

7. Pack lots of basics (such as white shirts or skirts in neutral shades that you can easily mix and match), and even more accessories (colourful scarves, jewelry). You will then be able to have a different outfit each day, just by changing a few key pieces.

8. Make sure that easily-breakable things, such as perfume bottles of your makeup kit, are stored in a damage-proof place. Never store them in, say, the exterior pocket of your suitcase.

Photos courtesy of: 3.bp.blogspot.com, helencummins.com, louisvuitton.eu, toyshopfullofhorrors.blogspot.com