October 15, 2013

Louis Vuitton mobile. It’s LV time… everywhere

Louis Vuitton m commerce

Time is a luxury says Louis Vuitton with the launch of its mobile commerce platform in the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany and, of course, France. Philosophically irrefutable and, coming from the world leader in luxury, excellent news for millions of adorers the world over. How, there’s a little mismatch between the European coordinates of the service and the global span of the LV faithful?

I’ve already come up with a solution and I bet that Louis Vuitton fans have long beaten me to it. How about a sweet escape to, say, London? Business, pleasure and Louis Vuitton via m-commerce means an even more efficient use of time, doesn’t it? So, Would you fancy a Neverfull? or maybe ¿Como le gustaría una Neverfullor could be Peut-être une Neverfull jaune brillant?

Louis Vuitton Neverfull


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Photo source: Louis Vuitton