March 17, 2011

Louis Vuitton memories

Memories from the Louis Vuitton fashion show
Fall/Winter 2011-2012 season
Super-stylish fashion writer – Ingrid Chua Go
Click on her website and you’ll wake up surrounded by tons of priceless fashion info. Her speciality – bags&shoes. Sounds tempting, right?
One thing I can tell you: I became addicted!

The superstar of fashion blogosphere – Bryan Grey Yambao
If you’re not already among his millions of fans worldwide (which I doubt), go to his website. A real fashion encyclopedia written in a personal, captivating style by the most influential blogger in the world.
You’ll have an instant crush! I promise!

PS: Photo credit: Andreea Macri, fashion director for a Romanian magazine.
I personally admire her a lot and reccomend you SO INSPIRING!

My Louis Vuitton seat & press release. 🙂 Fetish and Fashion, as promised!

Shame on me! I do not remember her name. She’s a famous Chinese actress and LV addicted. Damn it! Pure Asian names are far too complicated for a Romanian native speaker…
So lucky that all my Asian friends have actually English names. Phiuuu! 🙂

Photo credit: Ingrid Chua Go -more pictures on

With Bryan and Ingrid at the Louis Vuitton entrance. Ingrid and me had a timid attempt to take a photo of us inside the location.
Total disaster, as the lights were so poor… Or it’s just me – the gifted photographer 😀